La Marca Prosecco
#Autumn Sparkling Cocktail: Pay homage to harvest by adding fresh pear or apple slices to your glass of La Marca Prosecco.

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Elevate your summer happy hour with oysters and some #LaMarcaProsecco!

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Elevate your week with an impromptu gathering that includes La Marca.

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Pro tip: dress up your gathering by pouring some La Marca and adding a sugar rim and fruit garnish on your stemware.

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Celebrate the start of the weekend with something sweet and something sparkling. Cheers to Fridays! #LaMarca

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La Marca is an elegant and versatile pairing for any weeknight entrée. Try it with a butternut squash and kale pizza for a special treat.

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Headed to a gathering? Don’t forget something beautiful and bubbly for the hostess.

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Small bites and La Marca always make for simple, elegant and delicious entertaining.

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This weekend, try combining La Marca with fresh in-season fruit for refreshing cocktails. What’s your favorite fruit to pair with bubbles?

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We think this weekend calls for blooms, berries and bubbly. Come in and snag your perfect brunch tablescape! #LaMarca

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La Marca with Fruit Mixers winely | | copy

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La Marca with Squash and Kale Pizza winely | | copy

La Marca Small Bites and Bubbles winely | | copy

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