Water boys? Class it up with Mimosa boys. Make tailgating #EpicWithAndre.

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Catch up on your favorite show with style, swag, and some favorite snacks. Make power watching #EpicWithAndre

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Cue the confetti, I have arrived.

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Party people should be chill. Wine? That's a whole other bottle of grapes. Like each person has his or her own likes and dislikes, every wine has its own unspoken demands on which temperature is "best served". Just because there are rules doesn't mean you must adhere to them. Take these suggestions with a grain of salt. Heck, I'll freeze my wine just to see if I can make sparkling popsicles. Guess what, it's delicious. Point is, no matter how the wine is served, you should be having fun. Common wisdom offers some basic temperature guidelines for maximizing the flavors of your wine. I've listed some below, but remember, there are no hard and fast rules here, only recommendations.

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A successful brunch should be judged by the manner in which your guests exit. If they leave full and satisfied, it was an adequate but basic brunch. If they are happy, smiling, and heck maybe even dancing, it was a good brunch. If they are dancing, playing table tennis, launching water rockets, and singing along to "This Is How We Do It," it was an epic brunch.

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We live in a world of change. In a life of uncertainty, it's good to have things you can count on. The trusted combo of orange juice and André is a brunch cocktail you can depend on. Mimosas pairs incredibly well with just about any type of breakfast food, and adds a certain "je ne sais quoi" to the start of your day. Brunch like a boss, make a mimosa.

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You seem like someone who can relate, so I'll confess. I love sipping a martini and pretending I'm some suave, international man of mystery. Usually though, I'm just hanging out at home, and I generally prefer a little more flavor in my life than the bitters a standard martini provides. Solution? Whip up a Raspberry André-Tini. Fresh raspberries, a little sugar, and a dash of lime juice give this red delight some serious flavor. Round the drink out with a little vodka and some sparkling Cold Duck, and your day just got sweeter.

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